Our Story

Here at Mex Zone, Alexandria, and specifically in this historic and old edifice whose foundation dated back to the eighteenth century A.D and presently Known as Seagull Restaurant Napoleon Bonaparte lived in this spot after had ordered his troops to land by night on July 2 He mobilized his warship and military forces under the leadership of his officers and generals (Kleber, Bon and Minou) and a military harbour was constructed bearing the name of the “French harbour” and its name is still existing up till now. Napoleon Bonaparte lived in this perpetual sport to plan for his conquests and his successive triumphs, No wonder! In this spot the water of the elernal Nile mixes with the water of the Mediterranean Sea forming a unique mixture where rare kinds of settled and seasonal, immigrant, delicious and tasty fishes are attracted. It is our turn and with our long experience in this field, fresh fish dishes are always served … from the sea up to the table In addition to the private fishing fleet of Seagull Restaurant which is always available in all parts of the Mediterranean sea and always does its best to attract the most delicious kinds of fishes, shells, oystern and crustancea to be served while you are among the marks of the original and old history, the attractive and fascinating nature and the relics of the ancient history . These dishes are served with hors d’oeuvres which are especially prepared from the best kinds of vegetables cultivated by the Restaurant in the farms that are extended in the west, in order to serve the best and the most fresh dishes. We are sharing with you the past and offer you the present for an eve lasting, flourishing and developed future.

About Us

Seagull is a seafood restaurant chain


Quality :

  • Branches of where ( location , systems safety , cleanliness , excellent service , good reception , ……. ).
  • foods ( our sources of fish from the finest fisheries – a global culinary ways to suit all tastes – the selection of natural materials ) .
  • Customer Care ( to establish a group to receive complaints and suggestions and interact with them – to create a database for quick dialing customers , provide the best and latest methods of art dealing, the work of field studies to customer opinion survey ).
  • Cleanliness in the kitchen in terms of the cleanliness of raw materials and tools used under the auspices of a dedicated team of health and food , the cleanliness personal staff , cleanliness of rooms and tables , continuous cleaning of the bathrooms .
  • Provide healthy foods, the use of natural materials .
  • The selection of employees and qualified personnel.